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Year in Review: Year Two

by Nancy Schultz

Well, we made it through a second year. I have to admit, I'm impressed. Getting a bunch of gamers, regardless of gender, to be able to focus on something for two years... that's an impressive feat. When Frances proposed this back in spring of '04, I thought it could be fun, but I also thought that at some point it was going to break down because life was just going to get in the way. I figured it would happen sooner rather than later.

I was wrong.

In the last year, we cracked out two seven-article issues (November and February). Three of our members participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We had our first article by a cub reviewer, and our first article from a male perspective (no, they weren't the same article.) Heck, we didn't stumble at all until July when life hit us hard in the free time department. We picked up, brushed ourselves off, and have been doing fine for the past three months. We've reviewed a lot of games, and had some really great other articles as well. Some highlights, in no particular order:

And there are several more, all available through our Archives.

What does the future hold for the Lady Gamer? I wish I could answer that. This month, we start our new publication schedule which Marinda has written more about here. I know there's a lot more to be done. More games to review, more articles to be written. I know we want new perspectives too: people new to gaming, and people who view us as still being "young kids" (despite three of us having kids of our own.) I know The Lady Gamer has a lot of life in her yet, so here's to Year Three!