The Parting Game

by Nancy Schultz

based on The Parting Glass, an Irish drinking song

Oh, all the money e'er I spent
I spent it at good companies
And all the harm that e'er I've done
I only lost a die or three

And all I've run, for want of wit
To memory now I can't recall
So fill, with me, the parting game
Good night and dice be with you all

Oh, all the judges e'er I had
They're sorry for my going away
And all the players e'er I had
They'd wish me one more game to stay

But since it falls unto my lot
That I should go and you should not
I gently rise and I softly call
Good night, and dice be with you all

If I had money enough to spend
And leisure time to sit a while
There is a new game at this con
Who sorely has my heart beguiled

It's shiney gloss, and well drawn art
And concept I find well worth while
So fill, with me, the Parting Game
Good night and dice be with you all.

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