A Photo View of a Local Science Fiction Convention

Article by Frances Moritz
Photos by Marinda Darnell

While we all love gaming conventions, there's something that can be said for the variety available at other types of conventions. Chicagoland has no shortage of conventions of various types throughout the year. The first convention of the calendar year is usually Capricon, a Science Fiction convention with a different theme each year.

Capricon always hosts a variety of dealers in their Dealer's Room. The mix for this year included:

Gamers, of course, have their own corner of the convention. Or corners, in this case - Capricon provided three different rooms of varying sizes for gaming this year. And that's not counting the gamers that were seen playing in the lobby or other rooms around the convention.

One room hosted assorted Steve Jackson, Looney Labs and other assorted games.
Carol - a Looney Lab Rabbit Chrononauts players Cartoon Frag players Munchkin players

Guest of Honor James P. Hogan can be seen playing Chez Geek.
Guest of Honor James P. Hogan playing Chez Geek

Another room held scheduled Dragon Storm games and various miniatures games.
Dragon Storm players Miniatures players

The third room was used for open gaming, where this group of gamers can be seen playing Killer Bunnies.
Killer Bunnies players

And not to be missed, particularly in the evenings, are the costumes and the parties. The parties are hosted by convention attendees and by other conventions on a designated party floor.

The Anime Central party girls OddCon promotes their convention through creative decorations Lance - Playboy of all Chicago Conventions and frequent party host

More costumes appear in the evenings as the parties step up.
A kender wanders the parties The Mad Hatter wanders the halls Beware wandering stormtroopers

Mad Scientists in the Dealer's Room Men in Kilts host the OddCon party Two well-equipped convention goers Two unknown goddesses

Capricon 2006 opened their pre-registration table before this year's convention was over. The 2006 Convention Chair, Greg "Guido" Williams, can be seen working the pre-registration table the last day of the 2005 convention while wearing the University of Fandom t-shirt for next year's convention.

Capricon 2006 chair works the pre-registration table

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