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A Time for Change

by Marinda Darnell

Anniversaries are a time when people often seek change and reminisce about the old times. Well, the reminiscing is done; it's time to start thinking about some changes. The Lady Gamer will be undertaking some changes in format with the new year.

At the start of our third year, we will be going to what I call an “open rollout” format. What this means is that we will be publishing articles throughout the month, rather than on the first. As the staff of The Lady Gamer are all volunteers, we occasionally have occurrences of Real Life, and static deadlines can be difficult. To help make this a better experience for everyone, we are moving to this open rollout format. It will also allow us to provide some items in a timelier manner. Now you'll be able to enjoy new articles and ideas from The Lady Gamer all month long.

If you wish to receive an email whenever an article is posted, please sign up for our mailing list here. We will never sell nor share your information with anyone. We will only email you when there is a new article on the website.

Thanks for reading! We really hope you enjoy the new format.

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