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Breast Cancer Walk Update

by Marinda Darnell

Good things come to those who walk, and for those who crew. This was a phrase that was repeated over and over during the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer – Chicago weekend. The Lady Gamer had two people who were registered walkers, and one person who participated as a crew member. Each of us had our own reasons for participating, with the common goal of saving breasts. We feel that this is a small part we can do as women to help keep breasts healthy, which equates to happier, healthier people.

The weekend dawned warm, sunny, and down right beautiful. With more then 3,600 walkers and 2,000 crew it was promising to be a great weekend. Opening ceremonies, at Soldier’s Field, was very emotional for a lot of people, and the excitement was great. With a wonderful sound track, and some inspiring pep talks, the walkers were on their way along Lake Shore Drive following Lake Michigan for their first leg. During opening ceremonies, it was announced that more then $8.2 Million was raised to that point, and much more was expected in before the end of the weekend. The Lady Gamers were able to contribute $3,730 towards this record breaking total.

The staff of The Lady Gamer would like to thank each of you for supporting us in this endeavor. With out the help of readers, family, and friends we would not have been able to contribute to this great cause. Next year, something a bit different is planned, but we will still have the same common goal, to save breasts, to introduce people to gaming, and to contribute to the community. Thank you again for your support.

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