Fan Movies: A Few Favorites

by Marinda Darnell

One of the largest tributes a fan can make to a game or movie is to emulate or make a movie for that genre. This can take an enormous amount of talent and time. When it comes to video or computer games, good video capture software is necessary, which is often easily found as shareware on the Internet. Even if the software is top quality, the movie will be nothing but pretty pictures unless well orchestrated, choreographed, and written. All of these are difficult to do and are very time consuming. Many websites out there that are dedicated to movies of all qualities, but here I would like to highlight a few of my favorites.

I will start with Star Wars Galaxies. The three movies I wish to highlight manage, with a bit of added storyline, to either tell a story, showcase the new emote and dance moves in the game, or show just the sheer amount of fun people have together. Each of these movies is also not enhanced by outside software. Basically, all the moves and emotions you see in the movies, you can log into the game and do them all yourself with the appropriate skill sets learned. For all of these movies, I would recommend against using the SWG Warcry mirrors, for Warcry seems to not be working when it comes to unpaid downloads. Fallen tells the story of star-crossed Imperial and Rebel lovers, and is one of the earliest fan movies of quality made for SWG. The next movie is from the Test Center. The Test Center Entertainer Movie show cases the new moves, graphics, and props added to SWG for the ailing entertainer profession. This movie helped instill excitement back into the people playing those professions, and helped with game revitalization. The final fan movie for SWG that I want to show is the Kettemoor Cantina Crawl 2. Every few months, some of the leading members of the forum community take votes as to which Galaxy (server) they are going to have a gathering on. The gathering is a Cantina Crawl (similar to a bar crawl in real life), where the players go from city to city, and to player city to player city partying in each cantina and local area. It is a nice way to bring commerce to the cities, but also brings together the community and is a lot of fun. This was the second such crawl for the Kettemoore server.

World of Warcraft has some very interesting graphics, and is of a completely different genre then those previously shown. Windspire Entertainment is one of the leading producers of fan-made movies in the games they choose to play. On their website they have three movies that are worthy of mention for World of Warcraft; Medieval Man, A Hero's Love, and I, Zombie. All are great movies which show the different races and capture the flavor of World of Warcraft. Medieval Man shows a medieval knight dancing to a custom song. A Hero's Love shows two friends who pursue the revenge for the death of a loved one. I, Zombie is just a short music video set to the song I Zombie by White Zombie. All three movies are short, fun clips. Each can be found in the downloads section of the Windspire Entertainment website, along with more SWG movies.

Some people when they see fan movies just shake their heads and claim they are not geeky enough to be caught watching them. What they don't realize is the dedication being shown by the creators of these films, many of which are works of art and allow creative individuals to express their love for a game and share it with others. While I know I don't have the skills to create these movies on my own, I still enjoy them because they enhance what you see in the games, and also can bring people together for even more fun in game. I hope you enjoyed these videos. If you have a favorite that is not listed on one of the websites I posted here, please drop me a link in an email.

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