Review: Plundered Vaults

by Marinda Darnell

Black Industries has released Plundered Vaults for its Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay system. Plundered Vaults is a fabulous compilation of three classic scenarios updated to the new system, plus three brand new adventures. A slim hardback at just under 100 pages, the detail in writing and art make this a hard product to overlook. The cover art alone will appeal to the most casual customer browsing the RPG section.

The six adventures in the book are highly detailed, with maps, characters, and wonderful text and quotes to help the GM. Many GMs have a difficult time writing and creating the detailed worlds and settings that players love the most. These adventures help the busy GM take the players through a well-written adventure without the time-consuming writing needed. Each adventure includes a background, scene by scene snapshot, and characters. There is also a lot of advice included to help speed the adventure up, or make it more difficult if need be.

Rough Night at the Three Feathers is an excellent example of one of the adventures in this book. Rough Night contains many different subplots and twists that can all be used simultaneously, or which can be broken down and used singley so that more then one adventure can be derived. If the session is only going to be a few hours long, the GMs can very easily customize the individual adventures based upon time and player preference.

Over all, Plundered Vaults is a great supplement of adventures for the beginning GM, or for the GM that is short on time.

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