Storage Ideas for Gaming Supplies

by Lori Ann Curley

Okay, maybe you didn't just move into a 3000+ square foot home like I and my husband did. We still have to deal with storing all our gaming supplies, which is why I had no problem giving the husband the finished attic all 404 square feet of it with closets galore for his home computer and gaming gear. Here are some ideas that we've learned over the years:
  • Use pony tail holders rather than rubber bands to secure cards together. Rubber will eventually decay and stick to the cards where pony tail holders won't. These can be found at discount department stores (i.e. Target) or pharmacies (i.e. Walgreen's) in the hair, makeup, or beauty section.

  • Or use plastic storage boxes designed for decks of cards. I purchased these for my Chez... Cards, and I color coded them to match the original product boxes. Your friendly local games store probably either has these in stock or can order them for you.

  • Have old board games and the boxes are wearing out? OBH Enterprises makes boxes designed for specific board games.

  • My husband uses storage with small drawers, like those used for screws and nails, for his cardboard minis. These are found in hardware stores or discount department stores.

  • At Gen Con, I saw the Geekbox, a great product for storing and transporting your minis. The design is nice because it can hold a lot of minis, and the handles can be folded inward for storage, but I don't recommend this product for heavier (i.e. metal) miniatures.

  • A label-maker is an excellent investment not only for organization, but also for identifying these things as yours. Also found at most discount department stores.

  • Can't find the right sized case with foam inside to store your metal minis? Try looking at items used for storing and transporting guns. I'm serious! My husband found several products that suited his nonviolent purposes and came in a variety of sizes. These can be found at hobby stores or certain discount department stores.

  • When my husband gave me my own kit for painting metal minis, the whole thing came in a standard tool box. Fishing boxes also work for those with more art supplies to store. Again, look in hardware stores, hobby stores, art supply stores, or discount department stores.

  • Finally (for this article), a great way to store large maps and mats used in gaming: This product was originally designed to store tubes of wrapping paper, but it also works for rolled-up maps and gaming mats. Not only that, but if you buy one with storage in the lid (originally designed for storing tape, scissors, tags, and bows), the lid storage can be used for markers, wipes (for cleaning the mats) and even small amounts of minis. If you can't find these at a discount department store (especially close to or after the holidays), look in craft or fabric stores.

More ideas will come in future articles!

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