You Know You're a Lady Gamer When...

by Lori Ann Curley

You Know You're a Lady Gamer When...

  • You don't have a china pattern; you have a dice pattern.

  • To you, GQ means "Games Quarterly," not "Gentlemen's Quarterly."

  • You register for your wedding at your friendly local games and comics store.

  • When your husband says he's going out "to play cards," he doesn't take poker chips, he takes counting stones.

  • You bought dice for your unborn child before you bought clothes or a crib.

  • Your children dress as characters from "Dune" for Halloween.

  • Your child's stuffed animal collection includes several different versions of Cthulhu, including the Goth Cthulhu and the Superhero Cthulhu.

  • You look in "The Silmarillion" for baby names.

  • Your SO insists that his favorite gaming t-shirts be hand-washed.

  • All your vacations are to places that end with the word "Con."

  • Your discount club cards include Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, the grocery store, and your friendly local games store.

  • You're the easiest person to shop for in the family when the latest edition of your favorite game is released.

  • You envy Fran Walsh, wishing you had a husband like hers.

  • All the cartoons your children watch are anime.

  • You taught your children to read using comic books.

  • Your husband gives you an iPod for Valentine's Day, and you think he's so kewl!

  • Your jewelry box has very few diamonds, but a lot of cloisonne pins of your favorite comic book characters.

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