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The Basics to Neopets

by J. Merrick

Neopets is a free online game that is based on virtual pets. There are several species of Neopets that can be various colors. It has a lot of different things for all kinds of people.

You can have up to four Neopets and they each can have a petpet, and each petpet can have a petpetpet. And all three have different species in different colors. The petpetpets are the most rare, and most expensive. Neopets are usually free, unless you are adopting from the Pound.

Neopets has lots of stuff to do: some of the basics are creating a Neohome, owning a shop, and feeding and playing with your pets. You can also chat on boards and add some fancy graphics to your userlookup, petpages, shops, etc. You can explore the different worlds and participate in plots or even try out in one of the contests.

To earn neopoints (the currency in Neopets), you can sell or trade items, play games and get them from random events, plots, and other things. Neopoints can be used to buy things and gamble.

You can talk to other people by chatting on the boards, being in a guild, and talking by neomails. You can also have Neofriends and send items to other players. You can even play some games with other players. Your pets may fight against other ones in the battledome.

Guilds are pretty important in Neopets. Everywhere you look, you'll see things about them. Donation shops, advertisements, and a large mixture of other things. Guilds are usually based on a topic: a type of Neopet, a role-playing game, etc. People can chat, and usually the guild has activities to participate in. I myself am leader of an avatar guild, which leads to yet another important bit: avatars. Whenever you send a neomail or chat in a board, there's a small picture next to your post; an avatar. It's usually set to the default until you change it. Everybody starts of with the basic avatars, but afterward you can find secret avatars. A lot of people on Neopets collect avatars, and that's the main point of my guild... collect avatars and help others to do the same.

So... that is pretty much the basics of Neopets!

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