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Gaia Online

by J. Merrick

Gaia Online is a kind of manga (manga is a type of drawing, most people call it anime, which is not correct since anime is animated) game. A main point of it is to work on your avatar, a little manga figure. You can buy hairdos, clothes, all kinds of things! There also are special events and forums to chat in.

Of course to buy something you need to earn its currency... which, on Gaia, is gold. Some items can cost up to three million gold... which is a lot in Gaia. You can earn gold by just browsing, voting in polls, posting in forums, and many other simple ways that will get you a little gold. You also can get some little prizes from the Daily Chance on each main page. You can buy a pass to have a shop, and then be able to sell your items to earn gold. There are sometimes special events that you can earn items from (more about this later).

In Gaia you can send messages to other people, and have a friends list. You can have a journal and update your profile however you want to. You're able to post comments on other people's journals and profiles if they have it set to let you. You can post in forums, be in guilds, and also chat in most of the games.

There are only five games: Word Bump, Fishing, Slots, Cards and JigSaw Puzzles. For each one you need different items to do them and you can earn different items and amounts of gold. You can also chat to other people while playing.

The Towns are... well, towns! You can own a house in them, and invite other people over. You can walk around and chat with people. You can shake trees and bushes and small amounts of gold might fall out of them, plus, you can find garbage and bugs (which you can keep, sell, or collect and turn in for something cool).

Special events usually offer some type of reward. Like the Halloween one, where you could go trick o treating and turn the candy in for special items! The current one just started and the news said that Santa was kidnapped... by aliens!

So that's all I really have to say... if you're interested or want to learn more I suggest you swing by and try it out!

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