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Dorkstock V

by J. Merrick

Dorkstock was very fun this year. I found I got involved more this year than last year, since, after all, last year was my first time at a gaming convention. But last year I did have to help more, after my aunt was in charge of it that time.

The Blink competition was very interesting. I actually was in 2nd place... a bit hard and stressing sometimes. I think it would be better though, if they did make it a rule you could only challenge a person once, period. It could make a bit more challenging to work up Blink buttons. I prefer challenge... the more the better. Even though when it's easy it feels nicer... but that means it's easier to the opponent too. Even through it was tough enough with a brother attacking you... he's a toddler and dangerous during a Blink game!

It was very interesting to get to play Munchkin Impossible before it was actually out... I wish I could have won that version of it... would have been very neat and impressive to some of my friends. Yet I did especially badly in that Munchkin game... too bad. But it was interesting to see all the nines in that game, never seen so many people that high in one game.

I enjoyed several of the games and refreshed my memory on some of the rules of my favorite games... maybe next time I play with my friends we will actually follow the rules. We often tend to make up rules and be silly... it can be fun to do that too!

The prizes were nice too. I love to be able to get something awesome and then go get it signed almost immediately. That's pretty neat. I got a Dork Tower book this time, got one last year too. I want to try to get more of then and build up a collection since I love reading them, they're funny!

Also I love how Dorkstock also has a coloring section... its neat when you're not busy gaming. Even though I didn't actually get to color this time, being way too busy stalking around looking for someone to play Blink with, it would have been fun to join the coloring competition... but my mom won a prize from it and I'm happy she did. Actually she did last year too!

Even through I need to try to remember to eat lunch more next time; I will love to be at the next Dorkstock.

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