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Where are the Lady Gamers?

by Frances Moritz

You may have noticed, we've been unusually quiet lately on The Lady Gamer. For the first time in a few years, winter has hit hard in the Midwest, where most of us are located, resulting in an unusual combination of illnesses, power outages, and, worst of all, internet outages. And repeated incidents of snow shoveling. (If you've never spent two hours shoveling your driveway, only to look out the next morning and see that it's white all over again, you don't know what you're missing.)

All of a sudden, March has arrived, and The Lady Gamer has only published three articles this year. That's pretty bad for us. On top of that, most of our e-mail addresses have been hit by the insidious spambots, which means we aren't getting to see any real messages our readers are sending in, because we're wasting our time on the delete key for all the spam.

So we're stepping back and taking a couple months off, in order to rearrange how we're handling things. Several of our e-mail addresses (feedback, in particular) have been removed due to the spambots; we'll have new addresses or contact methods when we come back online June 1st.

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