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A Gamer Alphabet

by Frances Moritz

Why do I need an alphabet, you ask? Why, I need a way to teach my baby gamer! Do you really want your little geek to learn that C is for cat and E is for elephant, when they could learn that C is for Cthulhu and E is for Elf. (Really, that's why the stand-up of Legolas is by my computer desk... it's to teach the baby. Honest.)

But I can't make up my mind on some letters, and what in the world do I do with X? The caveat is that they must be something that can be illustrated - children just don't get the abstract concepts this early. Can you help me out? If you can, just e-mail me at my Lady gamer e-mail.
  1. Amazon, Assassin
  2. Bard
  3. Cthulhu, Cleric
  4. Dice, Dragon, Dungeon, Dwarf
  5. Elf
  6. Fighter
  7. Gnome, Gold, Gilly
  8. Heroes, Hell Hound
  9. Illusionist
  10. Jester
  11. King
  12. Lich
  13. Mage, Monster
  14. Ninja
  15. Orc, Ogre
  16. Priest, Pizza, Paladin, Pirate
  17. Queen
  18. Role-Playing
  19. Soap
  20. Thief
  21. Umber Hulk
  22. Vampire
  23. Werewolf
  24. Yeti
  25. Zombies

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