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The Lady Gamer is looking for writers

by Frances Moritz

The Lady Gamer is looking for gamers with opinions who would like to share them with the world. Or our readers, which I realize doesn't constitute "the world", but we'll hold out hope as to the expansion of the gaming industry and that whole taking over the world thing.

What are we looking for? Gamers - female or male (you may have noticed our staff is not limited by gender) - who are willing to write coherent articles about all aspects of gaming. We've written about many types of gaming already - from RPGs to online games to gaming-related comics and so much more - but there's so much still to cover. There are so many games out there, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. And we have gaming gaps - games types we haven't really covered, due to lack of interest or lack of times... you'll note how few articles we have about collectible games, for example, and the absence of articles on miniatures (some day, I'll have time again).

What do you get out of it? Alas, as we're all volunteers, we cannot compensate any of our writers, new or old. As stated in our Purpose, we contribute to the webzine because of our love of gaming. That and the pleasure of seeing our names up on the website regularly.

How do you apply? E-mail us at with a brief explanation of why you'd like to work with us & how you can contribute to the group.

Liked this article? Hated it? Have questions? Tell us directly.

Liked this article? Hated it? Have questions? Tell us directly

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