Game: Get Thee to a Dentist

by Frances Moritz

You didn't brush. You didn't floss. Now only your dentist can repair the damage. But can she keep up with the damage your opponents are causing?


  • 1 Teeth Deck (32 cards)
  • 1 Playing Deck (88 cards)
  • 4 Playmats


Be the only player left with teeth. (Or tooth. One's enough to win.)

Setting up the game

Give each player a playmat with the GET THEE TO A DENTIST! side up.

Shuffle the Playing Deck and deal out 5 cards to each player.

Shuffle the Teeth Deck and deal out 8 teeth to each player.

Each player places 5 cards face up on their playmat in the Vulnerable Teeth area. The remaining 3 teeth are placed face down on their playmat in the Spare Teeth area.

Use an agreed upon method to determine who goes first.

Playing the game

Draw 1 card from the Playing Deck.

Play or discard 1 card.

Remove any teeth that are beyond repair (damage rating equal or greater than their strength).

Replace any missing teeth from your Spare Teeth pile.

If the Playing Deck runs out, the player that drew the last card reshuffles the discard pile after their turn.

Winning the game

The game is over as soon as there is only one player left. Even if that one player is set to lose their last tooth on their next turn.

The Playing Deck

Cards are either defensive or offensive.

Offensive cards are played on the tooth of your choice. The damage rating of the card is indicated in the upper right corner.

Defensive cards can only be played to repair existing damage. The repair rating of the card is indicated in the upper right corner. The card can clear damage up to the matching repair rating (a Filling can clear a single Cavity; a Super Filling can clear two Cavities), with the exception of Crowns and Root Canals.

A Crown must be used to repair a Broken Tooth. The Broken card is removed, but the Crown, with a damage rating of 1, remains on the tooth and cannot be removed.

A Root Canal must be used to repair an Infection. The Infection card is removed, but the Root Canal, with a damage rating of 1, remains on the tooth and cannot be removed.


Card fronts
Card backs

Printing recommendations

  • Card fronts and backs are formatted for printing on standard business cards. The game needs 12 sheets of business card paper for printing.
  • Playmats can be printed on any letter size paper, but I prefer medium card stock for durability.
  • The playmats document has both the front and back of the playmats. Keep this in mind when printing.
  • If you want to save ink, I recommend only printing the backs for the first 32 cards (the Teeth Deck). That's enough to easily distinguish them from the Playing Deck.
  • Every "mouth" (copy of the Teeth Deck) you print allows 4 more players to join in the fun.

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