You might be a Baby Gamer if...

by Frances Moritz

Gaming is one of those hobbies surrounded by nostalgia. You'll hear "older" gamers mentioning things that had definitely changed by the time you became involved in the hobby. But "older" is relative, because of when people start gaming - some start as young as elementary school, but some of us weren't exposed to gaming until college. I have younger friends who have been gaming far longer than I have.

Taking that into account, you might be a Baby Gamer if...
  •'ve always been able to buy dice with the numbers colored in. *

  • ...Dungeons and Dragons was already Advanced by the time you started playing.*

  • ...your first computer had a hard drive.*

  • don't remember GenCon before it moved to Milwaukee.*

  • ...your definition of "online gaming" has always involved the Internet.

  • can seriously ask someone whether Interview with the Vampire was published before or after Vampire: The Masquerade.

  • ...your memory of game stores has always included collectable card games.

  • ...Ravenloft has always been more than a single module.

  • don't remember the original release of Rifts.*

  • ...Moria, Larn or Nethack mean nothing to you.

  • don't know who Hank, Sheila, Bobby, Eric, Diana, Presto, Uni and Venger are.

  • have to research BattleDroids to find out what the game was renamed to. *

  • the time you heard about the Secret Service Affair, Steve Jackson Games had already sued, won and created a game based on the whole affair. *

* The author of this article is a Baby Gamer according to this criteria.

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