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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fun

by The Lady Gamers

Regrettably, the time has come for The Lady Gamer to say Farewell. Our mundane lives have, rightly, taken priority over the last few months to the point where we feel we cannot continue The Lady Gamer with any sort of regularity, and thats hardly fair to our readers. So, for now, we're closing shop.

Its been a fun ride though, and many of us have some final words wed like to impart.
Got Dice? Yup. I have dice. And you have dice. And you, too. Let's sit down and talk about our dice and how much fun it is to play games. I have gray dice and green dice and even sea glass dice. You have big fuzzy dice? And they always roll 20? Neat.

Let's play Puerto Rico. Let's play Settlers of Catan on the XBox 360. Let's play Champions. Let's play charades. But first I have a project at work to finish. And laundry. And SOMEONE isn't staying in bed like he should. And then there's a blog to read and some photos to Flickr and maybe even something on the TIVO and possibly even sleep. But we'll play soon, I promise. And maybe we'll even write about it. But there won't be a Lady Gamer to publish it, and that's sad.
Debbie Ginsberg
I really enjoyed the opportunity to write for The Lady Gamer. It gave me both an outlet for my writing and a chance to share my love of gaming with others. I only wish my life allowed the time to put more into it and help to keep the site going. I'll miss both writing for this site and working with the other lady gamers.
Jennifer Knighton
I will miss the newsletter. I did like writing for it, but time suddenly became such a premium that while I had (and still have) ideas to write, I have no time to actually do it.

I agree with Frances in that I feel that the industry is becoming more open and receptive to women who game (many times more intensely than men). It is a trend I hope to see continue and grow.

It is my hope that when life slows down a little more, perhaps some of us can once again resurrect The Lady Gamer with even more stories and articles about women in gaming and what's new!

Thanks for a wonderful time.
Tonya Foust
I will miss The Lady Gamer. I'll miss the opportunity to attend GAMA Trade Show and other lovely conventions with a press badge, spending most of my convention time learning what's up and coming in the gaming industry. I'll miss convincing my husband and friends to play a game for no reason other than it looks cool and I want to write a review of it. (Now we'll just have to play because it looks cool.)

But we've run out of steam. We began as a small group, and while we've grown some, we've also lost some members to general life duties. On top of that, some of us are suffering from reduced gaming time until our young children are old enough to start gaming as well.

So we must concede the inability to continue. I will not call it defeat; the industry and fandom were very supportive of our effort, for which we are eternally grateful. We had a good couple years, and enjoyed ourselves doing something that hadn't been done before.
Frances Moritz
With luck, The Lady Gamer will return at some point, when our schooling is done (or at least not intense), when our children can contribute more than they hinder, and when life just gives us enough of a break. Until then . . .

Keep gaming!

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