Dear Lady Gamer

by Tonya Foust

Dear Lady Gamer,

My friends and I got together the other night to do something, but we ended the evening early because no one could agree on what to play.

How can I avoid this in the future?

- Abby

Dear Abby,

Picture this, you've gotten together with your friends for an evening of gaming, but no one knows what they want to do. We've all done it, even if we don't want to admit to it. Sometimes small tiffs happen over game choices and either the group eventually decides on something, you all splinter into smaller groups to play different things, or the group breaks for the evening.

If the get-together is planned, why not try calling or emailing your friends ahead of time to start a conversation about what to play this time? Conversely, having a selection of games available in different genres can help an impromptu gathering.

I have noticed that when my friends and I get together, we, a relatively decisive bunch normally, will waffle and shuffle our feet on what to play in a given evening. I think this is a symptom of having to make decisions all day at work and not wanting to be the one to have to make them at home or with friends. Everyone wants someone else to decide.

For many people, gaming with their friends is a stress reliever and if they have to think too hard, it takes some of the enjoyment out of the evening. So, to help alleviate concerns over choices, when making plans to get together, offer various options and don't be afraid to be the decision maker for the time being. Eventually someone will step into that role, but if you, as the initiator, make the first offer, it can break the ice for another to decide.

But again, this is just my humble opinion.

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