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The continued adventures of Morna, a kender

by Frances Moritz

Oh what a fabulous group of people! We go from one adventure to the next, barely stopping to breathe in-between!

Kastlin led us to where her friends were camped and I got to meet all sort of nifty people! We rested there before heading to a nearby city, which it turns out was populated by all reptilians. I guess they had a real problem with mammals, cause they charged all of us, except the kobold, a small fortune to come in. We split up to do the shopping and such, and would have been fine if this scaly guy hadn't accused me of trying to steal from him. Sheesh. His coin purse was hanging out of his pocket, and there I was, trying to be nice and put it back in for him, so it wouldn't fall out, and he reached out, yanked me up by the arm, and while I was dangling there, accused me of trying to steal it. He then carried me - dangling like that - to see some official or whatnot, who insisted that we weren't allowed in the city at all - despite showing him the passes the guards at the gate had sold us - and locked us all up.

Of course, I was able to free us, and it was a pretty neat jail, but there were so many other things we could have seen in town during that time. We sneaked out of town and out to the boat that one of our companions, the sha’ir, Alazar, had arranged. They only took us a bit down the river, cause they had to return and worry about some other situation in town. Something about big evil guys or somesuch.

So we started walking and walking, which was getting awfully boring, but then we came to a river that we couldn't cross, so Kastlin came up with this really neat idea to make a big boat and attach her cart to the back of it, and we all got on the boat. Then we got attacked by this huge catfish, which was just the most entertaining thing we had done so far!

For starters, Brother Thunderfoot tried throwing fireworks at it, which didn’t do much, but it sure looked neat. Moira harnessed herself to the back of the boat and almost got shot by the gnome. The cleric, Gaug, hit the catfish as it swam by and then Moira thumped it mightily. Then Brother Thunderfoot threw himself at the catfish. Unfortunately, he missed. But he swims well. Alazar and I started steering the boat towards the shore and watched in amazement as Brother Thunderfoot, from the water, launched a sling bullet at it and killed it!

We continued travelling down river, eating lots of catfish on the way. We were suddenly attacked and I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, we were all tied up, hanging upside down, naked, from trees. These odd elves stood underneath us talking and decided to cut me and Kastlin down and take us somewhere. Kastlin wiggled loose and ran away, with a couple elves chasing her. I waited until we were out of sight, slipped out of the ropes, and sneaked off to find out stuff. I grabbed my hoopak and some tools and set one of the huts on fire to distract the elves. As we fought them, Aragon came running out of the forest with a female elf, Ellie Mae, screaming for us to run. We grabbed our clothes and equipment and started running as this giant tree rampaged towards us. The sha’ir gave his gen the alchemist fire and had her light it on the tree. It slowed down a bit as we rushed to the boat. We moved the boat to the center of the river and shot flaming arrows with fireworks at the tree until it burnt up and died.

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