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Through a character's eyes

by Tonya Foust

Just another blustery day in Paragon?

A Survivor's Log

Day 1.
My name is Khaira Liadon. I am, as far as I know, the only survivor of the galley-ship Marinous. I washed up on this desolate place a few days ago. Iím not sure how long I was out, but have decided to count this as day one since it is the first day I can actually remember.

A village of indigenous peoples found me. They are mostly afraid of me because of my noticeable racial features. They all appear to be human and I am elven, thus they have not allowed me to stay within the village.

I am staying with one of the elders who lives on a nearby island with his grandson, Ajuke WaHekeHeke, or AJ as I call him (no one speaks common very well, let alone a more sophisticated language). After meeting AJ, I can see why they are afraid of anyone not human. He appears to be of orcish decent, but the grandfather has chosen to train him as a shaman of his people.

Oh my God! These people are cannibals! They even take their own when they cannot raid another island! I have decided that I am infinitely safer with Grandfather and AJ.

Day 21.
AJ helped me retrieve my things from the shipwreck. He cast a breathing spell on me allowing me to peruse the wreckage around the islands for the things I may need when I leave. I was happy to have recovered most of my belongings, including the carved bow my father gave me when I left home. I was happy to find that a few weeks underwater hadnít hurt it too much, though it will take a while for everything to be completely dry.

Day 34.
Although there is not much to hunt here, I have been able to make some decent targets out of some of the odd fruits and plants. My diet is consistently low on meat and I aim to rectify that. Fish is okay for a while, butÖ

Day 45.
AJ took me with him to another island. He said that another ship has been sacrificed. I think he is hoping I will be able to communicate with any survivors better than he can. I donít trust this, but if it means I can finally get out of this stinking archipelago, then Iím all for it.

Day 46.
Found five survivors Ė a Dwarf (who I almost gave a pointed attitude adjustment to), a paranoid Halfling that I had to shoot to let the villagers catch him, two Humans with Skeleton pets and another bound on that I think was human. AJ said that the tribal council would decide their fate. If they were deemed worthy, they would be allowed to leave. If not, wellÖ the village will have dinner for a while. I think Iíll go gather some more fruit.

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