Through a character's eyes

by Frances Moritz

A Death

There was no way he could get away this time, but that didn't matter. The only thing that mattered at this point was finishing with the sacrifice before they got to him. If he didn't, he would rather they kill him quickly than wait for the punishment that his god, Shargas, would bestow upon him. He had already postponed this sacrifice for as long as non-humanly possible. Just a quick slice with his poisoned dagger would satisfy the god, and then he could deal with these elves, who sought to reclaim their cow before he killed it.

They lunged at him carelessly, assuming that the three of them could take him with no problems. He effortlessly dodged their attacks and dived towards the cow, thrusting the blade into its side. 'Ah,' he thought, 'nothing can save it now. Shargas will be appeased.' Then he turned to battle those who would interrupt his ceremony. As he turned to face them, his own travelling companions arrived and saw what was happening. Most of them turned against him, in support of their hosts and the good gods.

He fought tirelessly, but the odds were overwhelmingly against him. At some point, he faded out of consciousness after being hit many times, and he awoke to find himself bandaged and tied up in his room. He cried out for help from the accompanying priestess; a guard at the door shouted back at him. Apparently, he would not be receiving any help from his companions. In fact, at that moment his companions were discussing what cruel punishment to inflict upon him. He knew his time was running out, so he slipped a hidden dagger out of his sleeve and calmly took his own life with just a stab of poison into his bloodstream. As he laid dying, the guard and all the people of the village heard his cries of pain as the poison set in, but none regretted his death.

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