Through a character's eyes

by Marinda Darnell

The rise and fall of an Imperial Officer

*** From Admiral Velkin **** Memo 8769023.12 **************
*** To Lieutenant Colonel Reksha Tai'fal, Imperial Navy ***
*** Relief of Duty ****************************************

Per the instructions from Lord Vader, you are hereby directed to move with haste to the Imperial Retreat for a review of the extermination and location of the rebellion in the Dathomir System. You will be relieved of duty upon arrival to the Naboo System.

For the Glory of the Empire,

Admiral Cilas Velkin, Office of the Imperial Navy

*** End Transmission **************************************

LT COL Tai'fal reread the data pad again; to be sure she had not missed anything. She then placed the data pad aside after securing from the transmission. Lord Vader was taking an interest in her! Reksha had heard of the fate of other officers who have failed Lord Vader in any way. Rubbing her neck, she walks to the command council in her quarters and hails the bridge.

After instructing the quartermaster to change course to the Naboo System, Reksha summons her assistant. "Ready my dress uniform, and prepare quarters for visiting dignitaries."

"Colonel, we are prepared to make the jump to lightspeed on your mark," came over the com from the bridge. "Make it so Quartermaster, you have my mark," replied Reksha.

With the stomach clenching wrench that always accompanies the jump to lightspeed, The Avenger activated its hyper drive and began the 3 day journey to the Naboo System. Reksha walked back over to her desk, and contemplated the data pad in front of her. Why was she being called to Naboo now, when the rebels were almost completely destroyed, or scattered to far reaching planets? It could not have been about that one little outpost that was over run at one time? That was months ago, regardless hundreds of rebels have been captured, executed, and exterminated since then. Surely that overcomes any losses that we received. Reksha sighed as she placed the data pad into a secure drawer, and sealed her desk. "Better prepare the ship for inspection and turn over, it won't look good if anything is out of order when I report," she thinks as she proceeds to the berthing decks for the midshipmen.

Three days later, The Avenger docked at the Naboo Space Station. Leaving her ship under the command of her XO, LT COL Tai'fal embarked on a short shuttle crossing to the Emperor's hidden retreat in the mountains of Naboo. "Greetings Colonel, Lord Vader will see you shortly, may I show you to your quarters?" Sander Grey inquired. "Please, that would be lovely. Is there any word of the rebellion?" replied Reksha. Sander lead her to her quarters with no reply. After a close examination, Reksha discovered that Sander was actually a droid, who so closely resembled a human in manners and appearance, that it was not noticeable at first glance. Upon reaching her quarters, Sander informed LT COL Tai'fal that someone will be here shortly to escort her for her audience.

The next morning, a protocol droid appeared at precisely 0800 to lead her to the audience. Upon reaching their destination, the droid announced her to the assembly and then left her standing in front of a semi circle of Admirals and Lord Vader. Some hours later, Colonel Tai'fal proceeded to her new command ship, the Star Destroyer Avarice. As she looked down upon the dark jungle covered planet of Dathomir, she thought "Here is where it ends, I will crush the rebels once and for all..."

To be continued...

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