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April 2006 Issue

I, Robot and Other Character Inconsistencies

by Frances Moritz

A look at character inconsistencies in role-playing.

Review: Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire

by Lori Ann Curley

Why you should spend $119.99 on a 672 page resource book.

Review: Squint Junior

by K. Schultz as told to Nancy Schultz

Squint Junior is a fast to learn, easy to play game for kids and adults alike. This review looks at it from the point of view of someone a little under the age of its target audience, proving itís a game for all ages.

She's Gotta Have It!

by Debbie Ginsberg

The problem with going to the mall with other people is that I always want to buy what they buy. Because I'm a geek, the Dealer's Room at GenCon isn't really much different from the mall. It's fraught with the same peril.

Star Wars Galaxies: The Tragedy

by Marinda Darnell

A brief look at the travesty of a game.

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