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January 2006 Issue

Dear Lady Gamer

by Tonya Foust

Just a little fun with advice on the occasional gaming question.
I come from a non-gamer family. How do I explain to my family that the gaming conventions I attend and the games I play are actually not deviant and not "Satanic"?

Gaming New Year's Resolutions

by Lori Ann Curley

Suggestions for the gamer who cannot think of any New Year's Resolutions

Masters of the Universe(s)

by Nancy Schultz

Continuing to look at world building, This month we look at three specific worlds, or universes, created by the author which will serve as examples for future articles, as well as talking about how she creates worlds in general.

Review: Serenity Role-Playing Game

by Frances Moritz

A review of Serenity Role-Playing Game

Through a character's eyes

by Tonya Foust

An on-going set of short stories, written by the Lady Gamers, from the point of view of their characters.
A shipwrecked survivor tells her tale.

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