July 2005 Issue

Army of Dorkness Events at Gen Con Indy

by Lori Ann Curley

For Gen Con Indy 2005, I will run events under the Army of Dorkness banner. Although each event will stand alone in its fun, the more events in which one participates, the better one's chances of winning the big prize, to be announced at Gen Con (In other words, even I don't know what it is yet, but it will be nice).

Dear Lady Gamer

by Tonya Foust

Just a little fun with advice on the occasional gaming question.
My friends and I got together the other night to do something, but we ended the evening early because no one could agree on what to play.

Game: Get Thee to a Dentist

by Frances Moritz

You didn't brush. You didn't floss. Now only your dentist can repair the damage. But can she keep up with the damage your opponents are causing?

Review: Edhellen Armoury

by Marinda Darnell

A review of Edhellen Armoury's products. Is it a sword? Or is it a prop?

Review: Plundered Vaults

by Marinda Darnell

A review of Plundered Vaults from Black Industries.

Through a character's eyes

by Nancy Schultz

An on-going set of short stories, written by the Lady Gamers, from the point of view of their characters.
Robert is a long standing, recurring NPC from Nancy's Storyteller games. Part Dracula, part Orlok, part James Bond and part Brother Cadfael, he accepts that his form and diet are those of a monster. But never will he fully accept the monster into his heart. Still, there are times when a little monster can be a very useful thing.

Yes, but is it ART?

by Carol Townsend and Judy Stucky

What makes a good game? We all know one when we see it, or rather, when we play it. A good game is one we want to play again, often immediately after finishing the first game. A good game is one where we've had fun, where we might have learned something (either about the world or ourselves), or sharpened our skills in a particular area.
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