May 2005 Issue

Breakfast with the SWG Developers at Star Wars Celebration III

by Marinda Darnell

A report and commentary on the breakfast with the developers of Star Wars Galaxies at the Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, IN. Please note, if you are not a SWG fan or player, this will have little meaning for you. *SPOILER ALERT Rage of the Wookiees is discussed inside!*

Review: Are You Phrazy?

by Frances Moritz

Gotta Laff Games entered the gaming market with Are You Phrazy?, a fast-paced card game that makes fun of casual conversations.

Station Exchange by Sony Online Entertainment

by Marinda Darnell

SOE finally tries to corner the market for virtual goods...

Take an idea and run with it

by Frances Moritz

Gaming is a thinker's hobby. Whether you're planning the details of your latest RPG character, creating an army for a miniatures strategy game, or determining the best cards or click figures for a tournament, there is a lot of thought that goes into it. A side effect of people who tend to think too much is the incredible quantity of ideas running around in the gaming industry and fandom.

That was Then, This is Now:
Comparing Werewolf: the Forsaken and Werewolf: the Apocalypse

by Nancy Schultz

Part two of a series of articles comparing White Wolf's new World of Darkness to the old, this time examining the nature of the new Werewolf game. (Part one can be found here)

Through a character's eyes

by Frances Moritz

An on-going set of short stories, written by the Lady Gamers, from the point of view of their characters.
Jennie Anderson is a freshman at Varod College majoring in archaeology. She has yet to discover her unique background as a World of Darkness character and is a perfectly normal perky goth, e-mailing her friends about vacation with her father, who teaches survivalist training to yuppies.

What is Dorkstock?

by Lori Ann Curley

Dorkstock started in 2002 as a mini-convention within Rock Con dedicated to the offerings of John Kovalic, cartoonist extraordinaire and writer of the award-winning* comic book Dork Tower.

Why can't I find this game?

by Debbie Ginsberg

An on-going look at games that The Lady Gamers enjoy but have trouble finding at their local game store.
This month we take a look at Cosmic Encounters, a game that has been produced by several companies over its history.
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